Portfolio Management

We create value through diversity. 

Managing a Portfolio is similar to creating an art collection for a museum. You create value through diversity. You need to accumulate both old and new. You want quality works with enduring intrinsic value and others whose value will grow over time. You need to use research to look at new trends that will create opportunity. And, of course, you want a collection that reflects your taste and values.

At GSB Wealth Management and Trust Services, we’ll build and maintain your portfolio with the blend of investments that best suits your needs and objectives. We’ll take into account your lifestyle, age, retirement plans, tax status, and your investment risk comfort level. Our experienced investment officers will use expert research and analysis, combined with your valuable input, to manage your money productively.

We know that financial circumstances and priorities can change and combined with constantly shifting markets, this is a dynamic process. That’s why our experts are always reviewing and analyzing the investments and making adjustments as required to make sure that the chosen investments are meeting your priorities.

Our services include:
  • Individually Managed Portfolios
  • Confidentiality—we offer a numbered account service for clients who want total anonymity
  • Locally managed and serviced
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