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Mobile App

The GSB Mobile App allows you bank locally from anywhere from your mobile device including:

  • Check balances
  • Make or schedule bill payments
  • Make mobile deposits of checks
  • Turn your Debit Card off and on with CardValet®
  • Pay individuals
  • Send or receive money from an external account
For assistance with our Mobile App or online banking, call us at 413-774-3191 or come into any of our offices.

The FREE* GSB Mobile App is available for Apple and Android users in both phone and tablet versions at the Apple Store/Google Play Stores. 

Download the App

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*Mobile carrier charges may apply.

Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is the easy way to deposit checks into your GSB checking account using your mobile phone. To use Mobile Deposit:

  1. Just log into your GSB Mobile App and tap the Deposit button.
  2. Endorse the back of the check by signing your name and writing "For Mobile Deposit Only" below your signature.
  3. In the window, enter the amount of the check you are depositing.
  4. Take a photo of the front and back of the check.
  5. Review and approve the deposit as prompted.
  6. Repeat the process if you have additional checks to deposit.

Banner ad with a smiling woman, text saying "Manage your GSB Debit Card with CardValet", CardValet logo, and a hand holding a cell phone displaying a GSB debit card.


CardValet® is a FREE* feature of your GSB Mobile App!

With CardValet, you control your GSB Debit Card using the GSB Mobile Banking App including:

  • Turn your GSB Debit Card off or on
  • Limit transactions amounts, locations, and merchant types
  • Receive text alerts of “Declined Transactions” due to set card controls**

To access and set up your CardValet using the GSB Mobile App:

  1. Click "Manage My Cards" from the Accounts page, or "More" and then "Cards"
  2. Your GSB Debit Card(s) will be preloaded for your convenience
  3. Select and set the controls for your card(s)***
  4. Tap the "i" icon for more information about CardValet features
If you already use the freestanding CardValet App, you can continue to use it and the new Mobile Banking version. Please feel free to contact a customer service representative at any of our offices or call us at 413-774-3191 if you have any questions.

* Mobile carrier charges may apply.
** To enable text alerts, you will be required to register your mobile phone number and update your alert settings. Mobile carrier charges may apply.
*** Please note: Users of the free-standing CardValet App should note that any control settings/debit card limits you have previously established for your Debit Card will be superseded by any control settings/debit card limits you enter when you set up the Mobile Banking CardValet feature.

Download the App

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Mobile Wallet

Connect your GSB Checking Account Debit Card to your mobile phone's mobile payment system* and make purchases using your mobile phone.

  • Works with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and MasterPass

Download the Mobile Wallet App

Mobile wallet technology comes pre-loaded on iPhones; Android phone users may choose to download either Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

*Mobile carrier charges may apply. 

Pay Individuals with Popmoney®

Make person-to-person payments using Popmoney® from your GSB Checking Account to anyone within the United States, no matter where they bank. Pay a friend for your share of a dinner, send money to your child in college, or surprise someone with a gift. It’s easy and secure with the Popmoney® feature of GSB Mobile Banking. 

Text Banking

Text Banking is available for use on your text-enabled mobile phone. To sign up, just login to your GSB Online Banking and enable text banking option.

Text Banking is a convenient way to access basic account information 24/7 from a traditional cell phone. Use easy commands to check your balance, find a nearby GSB Office, review your recent account history, or find the nearest GSB ATM. Just text HELP at any time and you’ll get a list of options with the commands to use.

Mobile carrier charges may apply.

Mobile Browser

Mobile Browser – enhanced mobile banking access for web-enabled phones.
To sign up, just login to your GSB Online Banking and enable text banking option.

Mobile carrier charges may apply.

Banner ad with a screenshot of GSB Credit Center, a headline reading "FREE Credit Scores and Credit Reports" and a woman holding an iPad showing a credit score of 760.

GSB CreditCenter

Get your Credit Score and Credit Report for FREE, right from GSB's online or mobile banking - no credit card required. Sign up for credit monitoring, get tips to improve your score, and get alerts any time there's a change to your credit score. All for free!

How to sign up for the free GSB CreditCenter

If you are a Non-GSB Customer:

Come in to any GSB office or click on Open an Account and follow directions to open an account. Once your new account has been funded, sign up for free GSB Online Banking and/or the Free GSB mobile App.  Then follow the directions to sign up for GSB CreditCenter.

If you're an existing GSB Customer with Online and/or Mobile Banking:

Log in to GSB Online Banking or your GSB Mobile App and follow directions to sign up for GSB CreditCenter.

If you are an existing GSB Customer without Online or Mobile Banking:

Click Sign up for Online Banking and/or download the GSB Mobile App and sign up for mobile banking.  Then follow directions to sign up for GSB CreditCenter.

 Watch Our Video, Below, for More Information

GSB Real Time Alerts

GSB Real Time Alerts will give you up-to-the-minute monitoring of your GSB accounts and you can set up alerts for more than forty different types of transactions and events including:

  • Security Alerts - Get alerts if someone is trying to access your online banking or if changes have been made to your user information.
  • Balance Alerts - Set up low balance alerts to avoid overdrafts and high balance alerts to learn when you have money available to transfer to another account.
  • Transaction Alerts - Learn when deposits, checks, or withdrawals post to your account.
  • Loan Alerts - Find out when a payment is due, past due, has been paid, or when loan activity occurs.
  • And more!
GSB Real Time Alerts can be sent to you by your choice of any combination of email, text secure message, or mobile push notifications.
Watch our video, below, for more information.