Business Online Banking

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Online Banking for convenience - 24/7.

Our Online Banking offers you a wide range of services and tools to manage and control your business’ finances. We also offer a suite of Cash Management products which can provide you additional controls and efficiency for your business finances.
      • Get real-time account balances
      • Transfer funds between GSB accounts
      • Review detailed transaction history
      • Make fast bill and loan payments
      • View check images
      • Export financial data to commercial accounting software for deeper analysis

Funds Management Tools

Many of those routine financial tasks that your business does every day and every week can be done faster, easier and with less overhead through Online Banking tools.

Bill Payment

  • Make one-time payments in minutes using an online system to send paper checks or electronic payments
  • Schedule recurring payments so they're made automatically
  • Guaranteed delivery dates prevent late charges
  • Receive e-Bills and find them all in one place on your computer
  • Reduce postage costs and the fraud risk that comes from sending financial information in the mail

Funds Transfers

  • Make real-time transfers in a matter of moments or schedule automatic transfers to occur on a set schedule
  • Make on-time loan payments
  • Move funds into and out of your business line of credit

Real-Time Alerts

Get real-time monitoring of your account activity with our FREE Real-Time Alerts. Choose between text or email alerts for your choice of more than forty different types of transactions and events including:
  • Security Alerts: Find out if someone is trying to access your Online Banking or if changes have been made to your user information.
  • Balance Alerts: Be informed when a low balance puts you at overdraft risk, or when a high balance leaves you with money available to transfer to another account.
  • Transaction Alerts: Learn when deposits, checks, or withdrawals post to your account.
  • Loan Alerts: Get messages when a payment is due, is past due, has been paid, or when loan activity occurs.

Sweep Overdraft Protection

As your business focuses on efficiency and expense control, the last things you need are payments rejected due to insufficient funds and the accompanying hefty fees.

Arrange to have funds automatically transferred from a savings account or secondary checking account to your primary checking account to cover potential shortfalls. (Automatic sweep fees may apply. Ask Bank for more details.)
Only $3 per daily transfer (as needed)

Sweep and Zero-Balance Accounts

At Greenfield Savings Bank, we can help make your funds work harder by automatically transferring them into appropriate accounts to improve cash flow or generate interest earnings.

  • Designed for businesses with multiple locations and bank accounts
  • With Zero-Balance Accounts, excess funds are automatically moved from secondary accounts when not needed to your main operating account, ensuring you have sufficient cash to cover expenses
  • With Sweeps Accounts, excess funds are moved out of your operating accounts to interest-bearing accounts to generate extra income

Merchant Services

Offering your customer the convenience of paying with a credit or debit card can increase your sales and allow you to compete with online businesses. Our merchant services are competitively priced to help you control costs.

  • Accept most credit, debit, gift and government benefit cards
  • Benefit from check guarantee and check verification solutions
  • Upgrade your eCommerce solutions
  • Generate consumer data that will assist your market efforts
  • Track sales of specific items, aiding your inventory stocking process
  • Customized wireless and Wifi-enabled terminals for retail businesses, hospitality industry, medical offices, non-profits and more
  • Low discount rates for processing
  • Hardware, supplies, support, and services all through one provider

Payroll Services

  • Outsourcing your payroll through GSB is a cost-efficient turn-key solution
  • From payroll processing and distribution to tax deposits, reporting, and more
  • Printed checks or electronic payments
  • Timekeeping services
  • Reporting solutions
  • Accounting, audit, and tax services