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Important Debit Card Information - New Update


In response to a large number of fraudulent debit card transactions initiated in the eastern part of the Massachusetts, earlier this week Greenfield Savings Bank chose to tighten our debit card security measures for such card transactions. These preventative measures were very helpful in avoiding additional debit card fraud losses for our customers and our bank.


Over the last few days, we’ve observed a marked increase in attempted fraud initiated out-of-state. As a result, our debit card security measures will be expanded to include both transactions initiated in the eastern part of the state as well as transactions taking place outside the cardholder’s home state.


If you’re planning to travel and would like to learn more about the security measures we’ve implemented and how you can access your funds most effectively while traveling, please stop by any GSB office or contact our Customer Service Center during business hours at 413.774.3191 or 413.584.4441.


If you’re traveling to Eastern Mass or outside your home state, please consider entering your PIN rather than choosing a signature-based transaction. The additional verification of your card’s authenticity will often allow the transaction to be approved at the point of sale.


Staying ahead of the debit card fraudsters is a challenging task. Greenfield Savings Bank works diligently to strike the delicate balance between our customers’ desire to easily access their funds via debit card while also striving to prevent fraud losses whenever possible. We truly appreciate your patience and thank you for your trust and understanding.

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