It’s about earning interest in a way that makes sense for you.

With fully insured accounts at Greenfield Savings Bank, your money will be there when you need it. Guaranteed. Risk-free. And that’s good for peace of mind. Plus, you have several options to choose from as your business needs change — from a free savings account to Money Market and CD opportunities. What’s the best option for you? Talk to one of our business banking specialists today to find out.

Totally Free Savings

The perfect way to get started.

A safe, secure, and fully insured account with interest to help your balance grow. Choose from statement or passbook format. Only $10 minimum deposit to open. Also comes with:

  • Free ATM card with statement accounts
  • Free online banking
  • Free automatic transfers to help you save
  • Free combined statements

Money Market

Competitive rate and easy access.

A money market account is a traditional, tried-and-true option when you need only limited access to your funds but want a competitive return. The Money Market account is fully insured and offers limited check writing, free online banking, and a free ATM card. Minimum deposit is only $1,000.

Certificates of Deposit

Our CDs offer flexible terms and a guaranteed return. They’re fully insured and can help you reach your financial goals. Multiple term options are available, and the accounts are available with a passbook or statement. Watch your balance grow with free online banking. Minimum balance varies — ask us to explain all the options!

It’s about security.

As members of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and the state-sponsored Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF) we can promise that each and every penny you have on deposit at GSB is insured in full.

How does it work? If balances go over the FDIC’s limits, our DIF insurance picks it up from there and insures the rest. What’s the bottom line? Every cent is fully insured, including accrued interest, at GSB. No limit, no exception.

For more information about deposit insurance, visit the FDIC and DIF websites.