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Interest Rate Protection

If interest rates drop in the future, you can ask to have your interest rate reduced without having to pay the full cost of a refinance. The cost of the reduction in interest rate is based on the outstanding principal balance of the mortgage at the time of the request.
Contact a loan officer for full terms and conditions. (413) 775-8200
• 30 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage
• Fixed for 15 Years/
1 Year Adjustable thereafter*
  • No Application Fee
  • No Points
This year's Buy in July Mortgage Special features a low interest rate and lets YOU choose the term - from 15 to 30 years! Apply in person at any of our offices or here online! Act now before July goes by!

* Qualifying Guidelines: Offer applies to conventional, owner occupied purchase loan applications for 1 – 4 family properties and condominiums. Offer not valid for refinance transactions, blanket loans, new construction, or second homes. Applications must be received by the Bank no later than July 31, 2024 with an executed Offer to Purchase. Loans must close by September 30, 2024. All deadlines firm. Offer is subject to credit approval and is subject to change or cancellation at any time. Sample Repayment Terms: Loan amount $200,000. Term 30 Years. Interest rate 5.990%. Annual Percentage Rate 6.492%. 180 monthly payments with a principal and interest payment of $1,197.82 followed by 12 monthly payments of $1,356.54 followed by 167 monthly payments of $1,406.36, followed by 1 payment of $$1,405.75. After first 15 years, interest rate cap is 2% per annual adjustment and 5% for the life of the loan. Rates may change after the consummation of the loan. Payments do not include real estate taxes and insurance, if applicable, the actual payment may be greater. Your rate may be subject to increase based on credit score, loan to value, property type, appraisal review, and other factors and may be different than the rates posted.
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