At Greenfield Savings Bank, great service isn’t a privilege for the Rockefellers, it’s just a basic way of life. To us, banking is about taking care of people: our customers, our community, and our employees. Personal attention doesn’t cost more, but it sure does make you feel like royalty.

Think of it as private banking for the rest of us

That’s why so many of your neighbors choose Greenfield Savings Bank; we’re your neighbors, too. We’ll be here when you need us. We’ll help you reach your goals. Oh, and we’ll remember your name and ask you about your dog, too.

Happiness loves company

Stuck with a giant bank that treats you like a number — and nickels and dimes you on fees? We make switching to the good guys easy, and we’ll even buy back your old checks and debit cards from that other bank.

Already a customer? Refer a friend to a personal checking account and you'll both get a free gift. Win-win, we like the sound of that. 


Instant Debit Card

No need to wait for your new debit card to come in the mail, all of our offices can create a card for you on-the-spot!

Direct Deposit

Your money, right when you need it. Save time and protect against mail fraud with electronically deposited checks.

Check Shield Overdraft Protection

We all make mistakes! Avoid embarrassing check returns and maintain good relations with your creditors.

Sweep Overdraft Protection

Transfer funds from a savings or secondary checking account to cover potential overdrafts. Only $5 per daily transfer (as needed).