Debit Card

Your GSB Debit Card is a convenient way to make purchases and track expenses, 24 hours a day. It is accepted anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo, allowing you to get cash at ATMs worldwide.

And with MasterCard’s Zero Liability, you are protected from unauthorized purchases. Continuous monitoring detects and alerts you of potentially fraudulent activity, and your card will be automatically replaced if fraudulent transactions are suspected.

Buzz Points

Debit card & Buzz Points Logo

Earn points whenever you shop using your GSB debit card, and twice as many points when you shop at a locally owned business.  Then, redeem your points at select local merchants, choose national gift cards, or cash in your points to make a donation to a local non-profit organization.

Learn more about our FREE debit card rewards program today. 


With CardValet, you control your GSB Debit Card Using the GSB Mobile Banking App. Use CardValet to:

  • Turn your GSB Debit Card off and on
  • Limit transaction amounts, locations, and merchant types
  • Receive text alerts of "declined transactions" due to set card controls* 

To access and set up your CardValet using ythe GSB Mobile Baking App:

  • Go to the More menu from the Accounts page
  • Click on the Cards option
  • Your GSB Debit Card(s) will be preloaded for your convenience
  • Select and set the controls for your card(s)**
  • Tap the "i" icon for more information about CardValet features

If you already use the "freestanding" CardValet App, you can continue to use it and the new Mobile Banking version. Please feel free to contact a Customer Service Representative at any of our offices or call us at 413-774-3191 if you have any questions. 

Get the FREE GSB Mobile Banking App at 

*To enable text alerts, you will be required to register your mobile phone number and update your alert settings.  Mobile carrier charges may apply.   
**Please note: Users of the free-standing CardValet App should note that any control settings/debit card limits you have previously established for your Debit Card will be superseded by any control settings/debit card limits you enter when you set up your new Mobile Banking CardValet feature.

Chip Cards Are Here

Personal Chip Card

We're happy to announce the arrival of EMV chip-enabled cards at Greenfield Savings Bank! Chip cards provide additional security features and will work anywhere MasterCard® is accepted - at both the new chip-enabled and the traditional swipe-method terminals.

Account Updater Service (AUS)

Account Updater Service (AUS) from Mastercard® is coming to Greenfield Savings Bank.


We're looking out for our customers.  Check out some of the debit card security measures we have in place.