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Congratulations, Denise!

On April 5, 2021, Denise Coyne, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Greenfield Savings Bank will retire after 43 years of service. During her tenure here, Denise guided our Bank forward and played a major role in making it both a great Bank and a great place to work. If you are a satisfied customer of our Bank, you can thank Denise.

Denise’s 43-year journey from teller to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer is one of hard work, ingenuity, ambition and dedication. During her career, she worked in almost every department at the Bank and worked with six bank presidents.

It all started in 1978, when, at the age of 19, she accepted a job offer from our Bank to work as a teller instead of accepting another offer from Wilson’s Department Store. Denise says, “I got two offers on the same day and I had to ask myself if I wanted to work at a store and get a discount on clothes or did I want to work at the bank where the starting salary was a little higher, and I could then afford the clothes.”

Fortunately for us, she chose the job at our Bank.

Although hired as a teller at the Turners Falls office, initially she worked in the Operations Department. Before computers, everything at the Bank was done manually and Denise was assigned to file cancelled checks in preparation for insertion into the customers’ monthly statements.

Later while working as a teller by day in the Turners Falls Office, on her own initiative and on her own time, Denise took a typing class at Greenfield Community College to add to her skills in preparation for the next opportunity that would present itself. Her foresight paid off and she was soon promoted to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at the Main Office in Greenfield.

In 1982, the Bank began the transition to computers and the Bank’s Savings Bank Life Insurance (SBLI) Department needed someone to learn how to use them. Denise stepped up and while still a CSR, also became a licensed SBLI clerk and was able to sell life insurance. From there, Denise advanced to Loan Originator and then, thanks to her newfound knowledge of computers, she became the head of the Bank’s Management Information Systems.

Denise was appointed Assistant Treasurer in 1986. During this time, she completed a two-year program at the Massachusetts School for Financial Studies and a three-year program at the National School of Banking.

In 1993, Denise Coyne was promoted to Vice President of Operations. In 2007 Denise became an Executive Vice President and in 2014, the Bank’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Denise directs many of the Bank’s departments and works closely with the CEO and CFO to achieve annual goals and fulfill the Bank’s mission in the community. 

The true measure of Denise’s career, however, is not the chronology of her ever-increasing position of responsibility at the Bank, but the impact she had on the organization and the people who work here. Denise helped create a culture of goodness at our Bank. She has mentored and encouraged other staff in their careers and helped and advised countless customers on their finances. And through her own personal volunteering at numerous local nonprofits, Denise has helped improve the quality of life here in the Valley.

Simply put, Denise is an honest, caring and inspiring leader who brings out the best in the people who work with her.

As an organization, we have been very fortunate and honored to have Denise Coyne as a colleague and member of the GSB team. Her dedication to the Bank, its employees, its customers and the community are the embodiment of our mission statement’s bywords: Care, Connection and Community.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and everyone at Greenfield Savings Bank, we thank Denise for her contributions to our Bank and wish her the best in her retirement.

John H. Howland
President & CEO
Pamela H. Stobierski
Chair of the Board