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Buzz Points

Shop Local. Debit Local. Redeem Local.

Buzz Points is a FREE debit card rewards program offered by Greenfield Savings Bank.  Earn points on every purchase you make, and 2X as many points when you shop at a locally-owned business.*  

With three types of rewards, there's something for everyone!

  • Local: Available instantly and are the best value for your points!

  • National: Delivered as a digital or physical gift card, but may cost more points and take longer to receive.

  • Charity: Redeem your points for a cash donation to a local charity.

Enroll today.

Sign up at any Greenfield Savings Bank office, enroll online, or download the mobile app today! Already a Buzz Points member? Click here to log in.

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GSB's Local Business Database

Earn 2x the points when you use your GSB debit card at any business included in the GSB Local Business Database. Review the current list of businesses or suggest a new one today. 


*A "local business" will be defined as any business which is included in the Local Business Database on the date that the debit card transaction is made. Local businesses do not include local outlets of national or regional chain stores or businesses, or gas station pumps.